The Coalition of Democrats for Electoral Reform (CODER) was established in 2009 to support electoral reform. Since then, CODER field observers and citizen reporters have monitored each election, sending election updates and QuickCount reports to our website and social media platforms during each POLLWATCH election event.

CODER aims to monitor #NigeriaDecides2019 with 370 field observers, 3,000 citizen observers and 55 contact centre personnel.


What is Pollwatch?

POLLWATCH is the online platform that aggregates election information through SMS, social media and field monitors of election activities in Nigeria.

It is an incidence reporting platform that enables accurate reporting on issues like:

  • Late arrival of materials / officials
  • Violence
  • Ballot box snatching
  • Security breaches
  • Vote buying
  • And more.

Through the POLLWATCH platform, we have over the years reported on election activities from general to gubernatorial elections. We distribute verified information via our website and social media particularly to Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter and Facebook are potent sources of falsified information and have been use to manipulate election outcomes in various countries. Pollwatch aims to counter this by providing authentic and unbiased reports and information on elections.


What are the threats this time?

The last few years have witnessed an increase in the willingness and capacity of various actors to manipulate elections using powerful new technologies including:

  • Hacking of voter databases to extract data for micro-targeted ‘fake news’ messaging
  • Hacking of electronic voting machines to manipulate results
  • Manipulation of social media platforms to influence voter behavior

Because of our experience using social media to monitor elections, CODER-Pollwatch is well-positioned to help protect the integrity of the Nigerian electoral process.



What are we doing about it?

The general elections are scheduled to hold on 16 February and 2 March 2019 for Presidential / National Assembly and Gubernatorial / State Assemblies respectively nationwide.

Our focus at CODER-Pollwatch for the 2019 elections include:

  • Field Observation
  • Press / Media Engagement
  • Election Monitoring
  • Post-Election Analysis
  • Training and Institutional Capacity Building for Political Parties and other groups

We believe that with the dynamic trends in the democratic evolution of Nigeria, CODER can no longer be a one time coalition but an institution serving as the conscience of the countries democratic institutions.


If you are passionate about free and fair elections, JOIN CODER today and VOLUNTEER to be a part of #NigeriaDecides2019 POLLWATCH.